The Technology


Designed with Inverter Technology, our 2 in 1 heat pump/air conditioners will provide you with a safe and efficient way to control the temperature in your entire home.

With heating in the winter down to -30 and cooling during the summer heat waves, your home can safely weather the Canadian climate extremes while reducing your monthly heating costs.

Cost Saving


Cold Climate Heating has conducted a demo house starting in 2017 to track the savings from converting to one of our heating/cooling pumps.  Click on link below to see the savings!



“This past February and March were among the coldest winter months on record. I did not use my furnace once all winter to heat my house. I have saved $1500 on my heating bill this year so far this year.”


Designed for Every Home

*  Easy and relatively inexpensive to install 
*  Instant savings on home heating bills (studies show ~50% 
     savings depending on previous heat source)

*  In BC electricity is clean hydro generated meaning a low 
    carbon footprint compared to other sources

*  Provides both heating and cooling in one system
*  Our technology enables efficiency down to -30’C

*  7 Year Warranty on compressors

*  Low yearly maintenance (cleaning the filters)

*  Whisper Technology for Quiet Operation; ideal for bedrooms,
      additions, living rooms, commercial applications and more

*  Vertical Swing Function - you set the direction of the air flow
*  DC Inverter Technology for Ultra High Efficiency & Performance
*  High Quality Design for an Attractive Appearance, Powerful
      Performance and Dependable Durability
*  Uses 208-230V, ETL Intertek Approved, Energy Star Certified 
      and AHRI Certified

*  Grants available for switching 


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