How it Works

Designed for harsh winters with heating down to -30'c and cooling during the hot summer months. 

Heat pumps use the principles of air transfer to heat and cool your home. Air source heat pumps do this by transferring heat from the outdoor air into your home via a refrigeration process. Low-temperature heat is drawn across a heat exchanger outside your home and is transferred to a safe refrigerant. The refrigerant then moves the heat into your home through a compressor, which reduces the volume of the refrigerant and causes it to heat. The resulting heat is transferred into your home via another heat exchanger. The refrigerant, which has now cooled off, repeats the process. For cooling seasons the process is reversed and draws heat out of the home and transfers it to the outside.

Control the comfort of virtually any room or space with our high efficiency cold climate heat pumps. Our wall mounted mini split air conditioners offer you efficient heating (up to -30C/-22F) and cooling, with up to 25 SEER and 10.3 HSPF on heating. Enjoy consistent climate control and comfort with minimal electrical consumption, thanks to our DC Inverter, variable speed compressor technology, with ENERGYSTAR Certification.






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